"Take what is useful and develop from there!"

Inspired by Marital Arts

Hi there, I'm Kemal, Senior Support & Software Engineer with 7+ years experience. I build software to help people! Warm welcome to my website!

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Start with Why

My vision is a world where everyone is contributing with their full potential, delivering outstanding value-added projects which develop mankind!
My mission is build software to help people!
Passionate about open source technologies and I am pursuing to be awesome full-stack developer! Drop me a line here!

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My Dev World

Front-end development

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Webpack, JavaScript and RactJS!

Back-end development

Focus on Ruby on Rails and Node.js!

Up to Date

"One man’s crappy software is another man’s full time job." J. Gaston

Code with Love

Software development is hard and you can make progress only if you love(live) it!

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I'm always looking for passionate team where I will be able to grow faster by building amazing software! That's great! Drop me a line!